Southwest Autism Parents' and Educators' Group


Southwest Autism Parents & Educators Group

We are a group of parents and professionals with a common goal; supporting children with autism to be all they can be! Comprised of and sponsored by seven school districts in the Southwest Dallas area, our group meets five times a year for support and information gathering. Our meetings are a combination of social time, sharing resources, and hearing from invited speakers.


to connect with group facilitator, Kathy Kelchner, email to; kathykelchner@aol.com

 to RSVP for meetings and sign up for provided childcare please call or send an email to Donna Knight at 972-617-4658, donna.knight@redoakisd.org  

"The Puzzle Heart"

Our children are not puzzles, they are people. However, together we parents and educators seem to interlock around our children, becoming a group, to help them become the best they can be, whatever that ends up being. All the while holding our children forever in our hearts.

Helen, the webmaster, creator of the puzzle heart

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